Miguel Lozano, with FeriaMas

At this point, Miguel Lozano already needs almost no introduction. Professional apneist, for years is considered in the world of freediving an example to follow; among his achievements is having descended to -122 meters deep in Roatán (Honduras), which places him as the second person in the world that has descended to this depth, behind the current record of – 124 meters.

Today we welcome you to the team of ambassadors that are part of the cast of FeriaMAS, and so that you can get to know it a little more we have asked you some questions …

– Miguel, where is your love for apnea born?

Since I was little I had a sea culture. I live in a town on the Catalan coast. I have always been related to the sea practicing different sports. With my father we went fishing and seeing animals, holding our breath with no other pretense than enjoying the seabed. We were naturally doing apnea without knowing it. Over the years I learned to technify those qualities and channel my energy into learning to spend more time underwater.

– If you had to choose between the competition and the training of other divers, what would you choose and why?

I dedicate my time to competition and training. I love teaching divers to discover this world. Bring divers to the Apnea, return to the origins of how they enjoyed the sea when they were small and can make transfers to autonomous diving, with respect to breathing, relaxation, technique, air consumption, emotional management, etc. But I also need to train and practice Apnea for me. It is what moves me and continues to motivate me. Even if I left the competition I would continue to train and enjoy Apnea for my own pleasure. I need it to survive in this accelerated world.

– What is your first advice to someone who tells you that they want to train in apnea?

That he does a course with guarantees, where they give him a good base of Sports Apnea. Learn to breathe and induce relaxation through breathing, safety techniques, efficiency of the technique of flutter mechanics, understanding and practice of compensation, safety and rescue techniques, etc. Everything to practice Apnea safely. Without objectives or quantitative goals, simply enjoy the sport. From there, if you like to train on a regular basis to know yourself as a freediver and improve your skills to enjoy even more of the sea.

– Do you think it is a sport within everyone’s reach?

Yes, I believe that all the world can practice it. You only need to be fit for the Apnea practice by means of a medical certificate, as in the autonomous diving It is a sport for all ages. Everyone seeks transfers to their sport (spearfishing, diving, relaxation, water sports, etc.)

You just have to have an open mind to learn and be carried away by the instructors who will guide you safely in this exciting and unknown world.

– With what word would you define your world?

It is a form of underwater meditation. To abstract from this accelerated world and reconnect with oneself. Leave the external noise for a while and focus on your breathing and control of your muscles and technique.

Apnea is the connection between the mind and the body in a natural environment. Water is the perfect scenario to induce relaxation. Apnea also has a sports component, so for those who also want to improve brands and train, Apnea provides it.

It is a sport with a very important mental component and helps you to know yourself better as an aquatic animal and mammal.

– As for your participation in More Aqua Show, what are you going to tell the people who follow you?

We are going to try to bring the divers to Apnea. Let them know it’s a sport for them. We will give some talk to understand well how we train and what are the principles of sports apnea. For the most curious we will review videos of records and competition, and we will see the news in courses, Apnea trips etc for this year.

You know, if you do not want to miss the curiosities and teachings of one of the greats, come to FeriaMAS

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