Cressi, It will bring your news

If you do not know the history of Cressi we can tell you that it is a company of Italian origin founded by two brothers, Egidio and Nanni Cressi, more than fifty years ago. Manufacturers of equipment for water sports, this brand produces material for both diving and snorkeling or swimming.

Although if we go back to its origins we can tell you that at first this brand was associated with spearfishing, making from the beginning masks and rifles for this sport. Over the years, it became a reference for a large community of athletes, sponsoring great athletes who came to get 12 world titles in this form of fishing.

Today, Cressi remains in the industry of our sector as one of the great brands to take into account when acquiring material as it has a catalog of more than 300 products that you can find in more than 90 countries. Luckily, this time it will not cost you much to travel to know their news since you can enjoy them at FeriaMas.

We are waiting for you at your diving fair !!

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